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Rules for reading:

  • Read in a room with good and even lighting.
  • Sit up straight and angle the book toward you.
  • Do not lie on the floor and read.
  • Take a break from reading every few pages and look about the room and into the distance.

Rules for computer and video games use:

  • Have even room lighting.
  • Take a break every few minutes and look around the room.
  • Minimize reflections from the monitor.
  • For video games, sit as far back as the leads allow.
  • Have the set approximately at or slightly below eye level.

Check list for Parents:

Appearance of the eyes:

  • One eye turns in or out while the other points straight ahead
  • Eyes blink frequently
  • Eyes water
  • Eyes very sensitive to light
  • Eyes screwed up while the child is watching television

Behavioral signs:

  • Holds a book very close while reading
  • Loses place while reading
  • Cannot concentrate for any length of time
  • Position head strangely when reading
  • Rub eyes frequently
  • Writes crookedly with poor spacing
  • Covers or closes one eye when reading
  • Complains of headache
  • Complains of seeing double images
  • Complains of eyes burning or itching
  • Tilts head noticeably when looking at things